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A2 Ice Cream SMALL (any flavor)

$6.50 for a cup ice cream custard

This comes in a 8oz container


CURRENT FLAVORS: vanilla sweet cream, chocolate, coffee, and many others

This is A2 ice cream meaning lactose intolerance or dairy sensitivity should not be an issue!


In the state of Kansas, customers cannot purchase online. Please check out, so we can have your order ready for your allotted time slot. Consistent weekly subscribers will take priority, then it is first come first serve. Payment and pick up must be at the farm due to Kansas laws. Cash or credit/debit card only when pick up.


Raw milk is an important source for nutrients like fat-soluble vitamin A, D, E and K2; vitamin C; all the B vitamins, especially vitamins B2, B6 and B12; and minerals like calcium, phosphorus and zinc as well as essential trace minerals. Levels of these vitamins will be higher if the cow is on pasture eating green grass. All of our cows are pasture grazed-we even purchase the highest quality seed blend for our girls.


Providing powerful protection against respiratory diseases like allergies, asthma, respiratory infections, etc., raw milk is easy to digest even with someone who has an allergy towards dairy products. In addition to supporting the proliferation of bacteria that help digest lactose (sugar) and casein (protein), enzymes called lipases in raw milk help fat digestion. These compounds survive the acid environment of the stomach and go to work digesting raw milk in the alkaline environment of the small intestine. Your body does not need to produce any enzymes to digest raw milk—raw milk digests itself, which is good news for people with a compromised or weak digestive system. Studies have found that raw milk drinkers help reduce allergies all together. This includes skin allergies and even asthma. Go to for more information.


Here at George Farms, we are diligent about the cleanliness of our animals and the product produced. We stand on the mindset of: if you take care of the animal, she will take care of you.


You must choose to set up a day for pick up. If you do not show up on your choosen date, you will still be charged as scheduled. No refunds. Unfortunely, milk does have a shelf life, so we depend on you showing up for chosen pick up time. If you are late to pick up, there will be a late fee.

A2 Ice Cream SMALL (any flavor)

  • If a buyer finds that the product they have purchased is not to their liking, they may return the product to the farm for a credit refund. Only products returned will be considered for refund. Thank you for your understanding. For online or credit card orders: in Store Credit for charged amount will be given once the charge has been run.  There are no cash refunds

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